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Our team of SEO experts have a thorough knowledge on all aspects of search engine marketing. We believe in the importance of experience in getting a job done well, and our SEO experts have extensive experience working with companies both abroad and within Bangladesh. They are experts at evaluating and generating the right keywords and then placing them strategically at just the right places in your content so as to make search engines get up and take notice. We understand the diversity of needs for different customers and websites and so we treat each website according to the need of the time.

The great thing about organic results is that it is not just a one-day stint. We at Khan IT make sure that traffic is brought in to your website in a gradual and organized manner using white-hat (organic) techniques, engaging content and authentic analytics. In this way, we ensure that the search traffic that you get is sustained, more visitors are converted to loyal customers and your sales grow larger with time.

In order to ensure that only good websites get high ranks and to steer clear of websites that are optimized with black-hat techniques, Google keeps changing its search algorithm quite frequently. This ensures that Google users get only results that are the most relevant to their search criteria too. Unfortunately, it gets quite difficult for companies or even regular marketing experts to keep up with these changes, However, SEO experts like us spend a lot of time in research and in keeping up with updates in Google search algorithms. Whenever Google brings about a change, you can rest assured that we are the first ones to know.

Our team of SEO experts are well versed with all levels of SEO, which include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research and google analytics. We also offer penalty recovery services, in case you find yourself in a soup with Google and are not sure why. We use step by step techniques by first analyzing your website to see if there are any cracks or crevices that need repair, and to make sure that it is search engine crawler friendly. We then find the right keywords that are both competitive and tailored to your niche. We then use a wide range of analytical tools and data to ensure that your website is getting optimum traffic and use on-page techniques to optimize your content as well as off-page techniques to give your page more authority and backlinks. We also offer customized services as per your requirements.

Transparency is the foundation of trust that our clients invest in us. In order to ensure complete transparency, we keep our clients up to date with our every move toward optimization of their website. We do this through reports, meetings and telephonic conversations as and when needed. We submit reports on a regular and basis about the progress of our work and make sure that they are simple and easy to understand. We also make sure the client is fully aware of the scope of our work and try not to mislead them with unnecessary jargon.


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ROI Driven SEO Services Company – Trusted by Small and Big Businesses in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The KhanIT is one of the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh with its remarkable performance. We deal with the companies preciously to rank on Google first page and also help to track their web marketing results to increase the sales and to bring your business on leading position into the digital market.

We have worked with numerous numbers of companies to reach them on their ambition. If you have an own website or a small business and want to achieve impressive progress and looking for a trustworthy digital marketing partner to support outstandingly enlarge your marketing performance and increase your sales by deriving massive web traffic, awareness from the online market then you are at the perfect place to reach your goals.

We can guarantee that what we charge from you is less compared to other companies do and you don’t need to think about the quality of products and our services since you are paying less compared to others.

Our skilled and professional teams are qualified enough and well-founded to reach your business on top of the position within a very short period of time.

We are dedicated to our clients. We refund your investment into your profits by promoting your sales and business.

Roi of SEO

Our skilled and dedicated team members are working on this sector more than 8 years and we are passionate to work and support our customers and we also provide maintenance facilities for the long-term relationship with our clients to ensure them the best SEO serviceever.


An SEO service provider company always shows respect to its client’s borderlines of their investment and also considers in complete support concerning new challenges.

The Khan IT is a full-grown SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. We provide complete incorporated digital marketing solutions for your Business Company and brands. We love to work and we enjoy what we do for our clients because your satisfaction is our happiness, have faith in our work and we will deliver our best work to you.

We have an expert team for all the services that we are offering to our valuable customers. We manage our team by distributing their job in a fair way because we believe that only a good team with proper team-leading can provide outstanding result and services. Our expert teams never worry about the money because our philosophy is to make sure that client’s all facilities are done time efficiently in an effective manner. So that, end of a project we can see our clients’ positive feedback and continue for the long-term relationship.

Maybe you are new enough for online business and you are investing lots of money and paying the huge amount for purchasing marketing tools but you didn’t reach your goal. Don’t be sad because it is neither an investment problem nor a lacking in marketing tools. It happens just because of using an inappropriate marketing strategy.


Since we are an SEO service provider company, our main goal is to support our clients to reach them at the top position. We provide various services to boost your web presence. Your maximum profit is our success.

We are the most experienced digital marketing company in the town with 8 years plus of experience. We worked with lots of clients including small business and large. We helped them to reach their top position just within a few months.

So if you are planning to reach your business on top position in the digital market then you must follow the appropriate online marketing strategies.
The Khan IT is one of the best SEO service provider companies in Bangladesh. Our mission is to satisfy our client. If we finish a task successfully and our Clients’ happiness is our achievement and it also influence us to work more and more.

We have well trained expert team to serve our clients. Our responsibility is to manage all your business marketing strategy. We are providing our outstanding online services for different types of company.

Our skilled professionals are always dedicated to fulfill all your requirements and also care about our clients. Our main motive is to satisfy our clients’ absolutely before and after your task get done.

So if you want to take your business in top position and want more services from our professionals then we are always right beside you to provide you with all the support you need.

HOW KHAN IT WORKS (Strategies Uncover)

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Search Engine Optimization is the short form of SEO which means a bunch of systems that must be followed by a website owner to optimize the website for search engines and this is how it works to develop search engine ranking on its first page.

Furthermore, basically, it is a huge technique to improve your web presence to derive more traffic in a user-friendly way and quicker.

The Search Engine Optimization is also known as a vast structure in one frame meanwhile it strictly follows a set of standard rules and regulations, perfect planning step by step and strategies.

It is quite important to know about search engine optimization because it is a very essential tool for digital marketing to boost your business. Best digital marketing service including SEO can improve your business image and online presence successfully.

Search Engine Optimization

On the other way, we can say that SEO is a method to increase your web traffic so that it can take the top ranking position on the search result page of the search engine.

SEO is one of the best marketing tools that a company can’t think of a strong online presence without it.

In reality, it is not very simple if you do not have enough knowledge about it. First, we need to know how the search engine works!

The search engine will crawl all your web page contents through search engines are text-driven and it follows some set of rules such as crawling, scanning and indexing, ways of actions, measuring the relevancy and recovering.

When a search engine crawls there are some important elements for the best results to get quality score such as

  • Tittle

  • URL

  • Meta Tags

  • Link building and types of links

  • Interface Design

  • Usability and accessibility

  • Web content

Let’s see the steps how it works

When the process starts, the search engine software that is known as Googlebot for Google search engine begins to crawl your webpage contents. It is called crawling. The Googlebot can’t crawl every day to your existing website or updated web pages. It crawls randomly. It may crawl your webpage content once a month or May not visited for two or three months. So you always need to be aware of it. You must know some basic things that a search engine cannot crawl such as flash movies, password safeguarded pages, indexes, and directories, image, frames. So if you use these elements to your website then there would be keyword emulator to make the webpage content visible for the Googlebot. If these are not visible to Googlebot or not indexed then these will not be available on Google search engine.

Once the crawling is done successfully the bot will start indexing in a big huge database from where the indexed contents can be recovered on the basis of inserting a related keyword or search sequence. Though it is not an easy task for a human being a search engine can do this just in a blink of eyes. You need to keep in mind that if you want to index properly your webpage content you most require properly optimized contents for your website. Otherwise, sometimes the search engine cannot recognize the page contents.

When anyone sends a search request then search engine starts the process to search and the key phrases are stored in the record because a heaps number of pages can have the same or similar search phrases. Accordingly, the search engine’s way of the act of measuring the relevancy of each web pages and it will check the matches with the indexed keywords from the pages that inserted to the search engine result page.

When there is a search input inserted for particular keywords, the search algorithm takes a logical brainteaser through all the recorded specified keywords and if the URLs’ matches with the keywords and find some relevant answers and pages that have the same words or key phrases that inserted to look for which can guide to the web pages or URLs.

For search engine optimization there are three search algorithms work on-site algorithm, off-site algorithms, and whole site algorithms. Different types of algorithm work for different features of a website, for example, a title, Meta tags, keywords, links etc. The algorithm is quite long for each part and uses a different algorithm for various search engines and this is why the same search sequence can generate different search results for different search engines. The algorithms are always changing and for these changes, you must need the best SEO services and we are the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh.

After doing proper SEO and retrieving the search result will be visible.

You also need to know that relevant and reliable web link building can help your website for top ranking because it is a great signal for Google that the users must have interest for the site and this is how it helps for relevant search in search result page.

Then all these concerns can make your website SEO friendly with the help of great digital marketing services. So you must decide for perfect SEO strategies because while you are starting a new business or making a new website it is essential to plan for SEO techniques and you need to implement your SEO tasks on it to optimize properly.

After getting combined all these perfectly, the search engine optimization process can be successful to get targeted audience only with the help of a complete digital marketing strategy and we can ensure you the complete and best SEO services in town.


We get it. Getting a business up and running from scratch is no walk in the park. Running the business is hard enough and when you add to that the stress of getting the word across and attracting clients/ customers/ buyers, you find yourself thinking, “What did I get myself into!”.

Agreed that it’s hard, but maybe you could relieve some of that weight off your back by hiring an SEO specialist to take care of your online presence. The internet is a huge magnet for potential clients just waiting to be reached out to. So, it would be in the best interest of your organization to invest in the best SEO for small business in Bangladesh. But I understand if you are still cynical about how your business would benefit from Search Engine Optimization. Well, here are some facts that just might get your thinking to shift gears.

It will Let You Compete With Bigger Companies In Your Niche

So what if you’re just the new kid on the block? The internet has advanced so much that even a small startup operating from a small rented apartment can compete with business giants. All you need is to take yourself right to the front of your target market and show ‘em what you got. If you dream big, SEO could be the perfect vehicle to get you there.

As for competitors in your own niche, they have probably already joined the SEO bandwagon. And if not, you can safely assume that they will be doing so very soon. This will mean your customers will be finding them first and you know what that means right? Higher organic rankings can make a huge difference in the rat race to the top. So, hire a Search Engine Optimizer and get there before they do. Our small business Search Engine Optimization packages will help you nip your competition in the bud. Your customers deserve to find you before they see your competitors.

It will Help you Increase Visibility

When you are just starting out, you need to get people to know you more. In other words, your website needs solid visibility, so more people find you, more people talk about you and more people trust you. It would be in your best business interest if your clients get you while they are in their discovery phase. Current consumer statistics say that a maximum percentage of people look to search engines whenever they need a product, service or information. So, if they come into contact with your business at this exact time of their need, it will mean better leads and traffic for your business. In fact, if your business page does not come up in the first page of search engine results, it is as good as being non-existent to your clients. So, don’t deny yourself the opportunity to be discovered by billions of potential clients and get your website optimized today.

It will Help Build Your Brand Identity

The more people will know you, the more they will want to avail of your services or buy your product. The fact of the matter is that a large chunk of your clients trusts search engines like Google and Bing. When people see your brand name within the top ranks of search engine results, it gives them the impression that your product or service must actually be worth it. They are more likely to trust you and try your product or service. At this digital era, the reputation of your brand depends largely upon a steady exposure and authority in your domain. But building this identity online will require a constant lookout at search engine traffic and trends. Get a qualified SEO expert to manage that for you and give your brand that seal of trustworthiness it merits. Some organizations such as ours offer small business SEO packages that basically cater to small businesses specifically.

Local SEO Service

It will Help Attract More Traffic

We all know what traffic does to your business. Higher traffic to your website means a higher number of business leads. That means more people will be clicking on your website, reading your content, engaging with your site and buying your product or service. It is basically a given that when your website ranks higher in search engine results, more people see you, more people click through to your site and then you know the rest of the drill. Through strategically applied SEO techniques, your website could be your biggest marketing gig. It could be your most effective and efficient sales expert. That just shows how massively SEO can benefit your small business.

It Will Assure You a Higher ROI

If you still feel SEO is just another money minting industry, think again. A number of SEO service providers out there provide low-cost SEO services for small business. Moreover, the money you spend on SEO will bring back much higher profits than your invested amount. A qualified SEO expert can give you all rounded service like analytics related to what people are looking for, what your competitors are doing and what works best in converting visitors to your site into permanent and loyal customers. That will mean a continuous flow of customers a.k.a money to your account. Sound like music to your ears? Then think no further. Hire an SEO expert today and play Monopoly with Google!

Worried about costs? Don’t! We at Khan IT understand the trials and tribulations of a startup, so we offer affordable SEO services for small business. To get better leads and sales from your website, give us a call or send us an email. Your business deserves the best SEO for small business in Bangladesh


E-commerce and SEO go almost hand in hand. If you have an e-commerce website, irrespective of niche, you will most definitely need that website optimized, or else, you can expect disastrous consequences. In Bangladesh, e-commerce websites are mushrooming every day and in order to keep up with competition, your website needs to be pushed forward in google ranks.

Yes, the look and function of your e-commerce website plays a huge role in the success of your business. However, the way you market your website online is just as important, since without online customers, your e-commerce business might as well not be there. This marketing needs to target not just your customers but search engines as well. Today Google rules the roost among search engines and to make sure you get enough traffic to your e-commerce website, you need to keep it happy. Doing that is no easy task. You need to constantly keep up with changes in Google algorithms, monitor Google’s search analytics, keep track of search trends and ensure that your content is compelling enough to cater to Google’s requirements. You may have a marketing team to promote your business offline, but in order to ensure your online presence is impactful enough, you need someone who knows the ins and outs of Google’s search algorithm. And that someone is a trained and qualified SEO expert. And that is precisely why you should go for only the best ecommerce SEO company in Bangladesh.

Incorporating Search Engine Optimization into your E-commerce strategies will:

  • Bring your products closer to customers. SEO is mainly aimed at helping websites appear higher up in search results. This will mean that customers looking for products in your niche will find you faster, and if played right, maybe even before they find your competitors.
  • Take care of technical aspects in your website that may be preventing it from getting noticed, both by search engines as well as your customers. This may include poor linking structures, duplicate content or problems in URL structures.

  • Help you identify glitches in your sales funnel or content that may be preventing people from clicking through to your website. Organizations such as ours can provide specialized E-commerce SEO packages that specifically help e-commerce sites tackle problems like these.

  • Help you one-up your competitors in the race for higher rank. This race is obviously inevitable in the e-commerce industry. A qualified SEO expert can help you get to the crux of your competitor’s marketing strategies and suggest alternative tactics that you can use to turn around search results to your benefit. There are a number of E-commerce SEO experts in Bangladesh that are well-tuned with the whole process.

  • Putting apt and engaging content and product descriptions using the right keywords that will bring your website ample as well as sustained traffic.

We at Khan IT are proud to have on board some of the best e-commerce SEO experts in Bangladesh. Our SEO services can help you bring your website to the top tiers of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), using the most appropriate search keywords that are best suited for your niche. Our e-commerce SEO packages are tailor-made to the requirements of a typical e-commerce business and include all the elements that are required to take your e-commerce website to the heights of Search engines results. We will provide you with a well-planned out and achievable strategy that will get you fast and longer-lasting results. We are a team of experienced SEO specialists who have worked with both start-ups as well as well-established organizations, and we have enough testimony from our satisfied clients to prove it.

So, go ahead, give us a call, give the best e-commerce SEO company in Bangladesh a test drive and let us take your e-commerce business to greater heights.


Team Khan IT did a great job with our website. Within three months, we found ourselves at the very top of Google ranks. They have displayed a high level of transparency and professionalism throughout my interactions with them.Mr. Faruk Khan has been very helpful and has provided me with a lot of insights. The team has briefed me on the status of the site on a regular basis and has been exceptionally supportive and helpful whenever I had any concerns. The website looks great and word about us has been catching on fast. Would love to continue working with this team on a regular basis.

Mohammad Ali, - Deputy Director BIGM

Khan IT has done a great job with my personal profile. I was a bit skeptical about approaching an organization for my own personal branding, but I am so glad I did. They helped me design my personal snippet on the google SERP, advised me on how I should develop a great Linkedin profile and aided me in adding an edge of professionalism across all my social media profiles. My visibility seems to have increased ten-fold overnight. Now I dominate the entire first page on Google. Within two months I started to find my inbox fill in with thousands of inquiries and offers. I really thank Khan IT for all their help and support.

Gaushey Alexander, - Film Director

As a startup business owner, I really needed a way to get the word out about my restaurant. I understood that SEO was the best way to get more people to know about us, but wanted to make sure I got a really great SEO service to help me achieve it. After careful consideration, I decided to invest in Khan IT’s SEO services. It has only been 6 months since, but I found my business to actually multiply exponentially as more people have been able to find us online. Through SEO more people are coming to know about my restaurant. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Faruk Khanand his team for helping me achieve this.

Jacob Alex, - Restaurant Owner


In the realm of SEO, there is no one size fits all solution. Every business is different with its unique set of parameters. We base our pricing on a number of factors, which include your business niche, the kind of keywords you are targeting, the type of competition in your niche and the current situation of your website. We first audit your website, the content, URLs, coding and other factors to identify the areas that need improvement in order to make it more search engine-friendly and then discuss with about you the kind of SEO-related work that you will require. Based on that, we will quote a competitive price, of course, bearing in mind that there will be no compromise on quality.

Our services are multi-faceted:

  • If you have a local business for which you would like to increase visibility and traffic, we can help you develop your brand.

  • If you have an e-commerce website, we can help drive more traffic to your website, thereby enabling more engagements, more conversions and thereby more sales.

  • If you have a blocked site, we can help diagnose the problem and even get it back on Google’s ranks

  • If you have a news portal site, we can help you bring it to top rank so more people get to know about your site and you get more engagements.

Besides this, we offer a host of other SEO-related services that can be customized according to your requirements.

Well, ranking number one may not always be guaranteed, but we can guarantee that your website will be brought to the first page of Google SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). According to statistics, websites that are on the first page of the Google SERP receive almost 95% of web traffic. Our SEO experts at Khan IT will certainly ensure that they can get your site as high up the rank ladder as possible and this will be done organically, so once your website reaches the high ranks, its position is sustained for much longer.

We have been fortunate to have worked with clients across multiple business areas and from different locations around the world. We have worked with clients from United States, Canada and Bangladesh, and have worked on blog sites, news portals, e-commerce websites, small businesses as well as local business sites. We have been successful in bringing about increased visibility and traffic for them and have received great reviews as, you will find from some of their testimonials. Most of these organizations are still collaborating with us on a long-term basis.

Our SEO experts spend a lot of time in research and in keeping up with updates in Google search algorithms. Whenever Google brings about a change, you can rest assured that we are among the first ones to know.

All our SEO experts pride ourselves in using pure white hat techniques to bring organic traffic to your site. We believe that black hat tactics, though quick, will bring your website down as fast as it went up.

SEO works side by side with your marketing efforts. In other words, it basically amplifies your marketing efforts by exponential degrees. If you improve your SEO more people will find you online. This builds trust in them, since a lot of people feel that if they cannot find your name on the first page of Google, your business is not competitive enough. SEO will boost you position on the Google SERP and put you at the forefront of the minds of your target audience. It is, therefore, one of the most effective ways of marketing online.

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