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Bulk SMS service in Bangladesh has taken a huge spike in its graph of popularity due to the effectiveness it showed to companies with their promotion. Companies are constantly in search of ways for doing effective marketing of their business. With the country accelerating towards becoming a digital country why shouldn’t you take its advantage for your business and get a chance to do something better for your business? Of many effective marketing methods, bulk SMS gateway is one that can be of high potential use. Instead of wasting all those time and money in doing manual marketing that may or may have not reached out to your targeted audience, you can go for SMS marketing.


SMS (short message service) marketing is the method of sending out promotional messages to audiences on their cell phone. This is a method that is proven to be universally popular and had also proven to be very much effective when it comes to marketing for a company. We don’t expect you to run door to door and promote your business. That would be something crazy. Although this door to door would be an effective method, bulk SMS BD actually provides the same thing but in a more smart, professional and hassle-free way.

SMS marketing is the best way to send a promotional offer, alerts, special offers, and updates about the business or the company. This is also an important way to build a better relationship with your audience and converting them to your clients or customers. An optimized text message is typed with the appropriate content and then sent out to the selected audiences.


SMS marketing in Bangladesh has shown a positive impact in terms of marketing. Just like the Digital marketing service Bangladesh, SMS marketing also reaches the audience effectively. Research shows 98% of the text messages sent to cell phone users get read by them. More stunning statistics from a study show that 95% of those texts are actually read in 3 minutes after receiving. A country where a mobile phone is a top priority gadget, it is not hard to get their attention with a simple text. There is a 50-50 chance you might catch some online during work time. However, reaching them through a simple text is much easier and so the importance of SMS marketing in Bangladesh has significantly come to light encouraging businesses to promote their business.

Putting our posters and billboards for promotion and advertisement can be very costly. Especially, when it comes to sudden offers or promotions that have a small validity, there is no point in spending so much on such advertisements. Also, if you are thinking of TV commercials, Bangladeshi viewers have a record of changing the channel when any commercial or promotions come up. What they don’t do is ignore their phone notifications. And the bulk SMS service in BD actually is cost-effective.


Although each company is different in terms of its category and business module most companies do SMS promotion following some common agendas.

  • 1. Introducing new products or services- When a company launches a new product or service into the market, they need to let the audience know.

  • 2. Offers or product sales- Companies tend to give offers and put up sales at times to attract customers. This is a good way of letting them know about it.

  • 3. Delivery Updates- A lot of consumers now order online and look forward to home delivery. Updates can now be sent through a text to the user.

  • 4. Customer Service- A great way of providing customer service that would have a long-lasting effect as the text can be saved.

  • 5. Reminders for appointments- Big businessmen or corporate job holders go through a lot of meetings and have their schedules booked. Therefore it would be hard for them to keep track of their work. A simple text reminder would do a trick and ease your brain.

  • 6. Notifications- The best way to instantly send any alerts or caution messages along with tips and advice regarding any matter.

  • 7. Important Updates- Reaching out instantly to millions right away to deliver something very important to them.

To sum it up, SMS marketing literally can be used for anything by a business that would benefit both ways making it a win-win situation for all.


Khan IT has introduced another sector besides its online marketing as we are now an SMS marketing company in Bangladesh. After giving it a lot of thought and going through some solid research and statistics, we have decided to help out companies with their bulk SMS marketing in Bangladesh. For any company, whether they are a service provider or product seller, marketing is the most crucial element for their business to be successful. And after overtaking all the marketing companies and being the top best online marketing agency in Bangladesh, Khan IT wants to extend its hand towards all the companies out there with our bulk SMS gateway platform.

Our motto is to provide the best online and digital marketing service to all our clients. And we have achieved full success in fulfilling our client’s needs when it comes to marketing. We have conquered every sector of online marketing there is, setting an example to our competitor with our ocean of skills and knowledge, not to forget our 100% success ratio. With that being said, we are also looking to expand our sectors in other types of marketing that would benefit your business. We are now going to be the best bulk SMS Company providing SMS marketing in Bangladesh. Our services and prices will surely give you a reason why not to go to any other SMS service provider in Bangladesh.


At Khan IT, we always try to give our clients something better that they wouldn’t find somewhere else. We will give you the best Bulk SMS price that surely will make us your bulk SMS service provider company in Bangladesh. Here is a chart of our bulk SMS price.

Non-Masking SMS Service


  • Total SMS – 20000
  • Cost Per SMS – 0.35
  • Validity – 30 Days
  • Total Cost – 7000 BDT


  • Total SMS – 50000
  • Cost Per SMS – 0.30
  • Validity – 60 Days
  • Total Cost – 15000 BDT


  • Total SMS – 100000
  • Cost Per SMS – 0.25
  • Validity – 90 Days
  • Total Cost – 25000 BDT
Important Notice: SMS Text for English 160 characters & for Bangla 70 characters each SMS.


With our 100% success in online marketing, there is no question about our quality of service we provide. The secrets for our success are because we follow the whole of the following heartedly.

  • Client Focus- Nothing has been at the top of our priority list than our beloved clients. We customize our strategies and plans so based on the requirements of each client putting them in their comfort zone.

  • Latest Technology- We use the latest technology ensuring full function without any hassle.

  • 24/7 Client Support- It is obvious that a lot of support is needed by our clients when they are stepping into an investment. And we promise to help out with full support whenever they want.

  • Cost-effective- Marketing can sometimes be costly. Keeping that in mind we always offer the best prices for our clients that are wallet-friendly.

  • 100% Transparent- We don’t play hide and seek with our clients. We put everything out in the open for our clients to see and give their full faith in us.


“Khan IT has provided an excellent service with their bulk SMS gateway service. I am really happy that my business name has reached out to so many people and now has become a brand. They are very professional in what they do. Compared to some other local companies I would say Khan IT excelled with their best communication skills. I highly recommend this company if anyone out there is looking for SMS marketing.”

“Going forward with marketing I was looking for an SMS marketing company in Bangladesh to boost the promotion of my company. That is when I came across Khan IT. After talking with their support team I had faith in them. Once I moved forward with them, I realized this was the best decision I ever made working with them. They are really on the top of their game just like they have mentioned. I’ll surely come to them for future marketing for sure!”

“No doubt Khan IT is the most ideal SMS marketing company in Bangladesh. Like they have mentioned they did offer me the best price in the market and the best part is there was no compromise with the quality of the service they provided. Everything they did was too good to be true. I am not going to change my marketing company and stick to this group of experts and professionals. Their professionalism has made me trust them fully.”


You can buy bulk SMS from your mobile phone operator that you use. Simply go to their website and check for offers or activation code for bulk SMS. Send a text or to purchase and start sending them through your phone.

If you want to reach out to people that aren’t in your contacts, in other words, a bulk mass marketing then you can contact us and take our bulk SMS marketing service.

SMS masking is the process where you can set a name, preferably the company name instead of the number while sending the text out to the audience. This is a very effective tool for branding your company name with very good results.

This is the opposite of SMS masking techniques as when the text is sent, the number it is sent from appears on the receiver’s end instead of the company name. Simply put, you are choosing to send the text with the sender’s number rather than the name.