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The power of words should never be underestimated. History has time and time again proved that the pen truly is mightier than the sword. Words can win wars, melt hearts and overcome tragedies. So, imagine where it can take your business. But knowing what to say is what dictates the make or break of a deal. The right words can engage your audience, boost sales and convert passers-by into loyal customers. This is where content writing services meet your business.

Content writing is a form of writing that helps take your marketing campaigns forward on the world wide web. This type of writing is usually intended for websites working to sell or promote products and/ or services. As the digital media is getting wider and wider, it is driving more and more people online, so this is a platform that is ripe with opportunities for your business.


If you think your business is good enough and does not need content, you should think again. In this digitally driven era, people are getting smarter and have become much more informed buyers. The average consumer now prefers to assimilate as much information as they can get their hands on before making a purchase or availing a service. So, if you want your business to prosper, you have be one step ahead of the game and provide the user with all the right content that will cater to your customers’ needs and can influence their decision. The right words presented in the right tone can just be the driving factor that converts you customer’s interest into action. Here’s a run-down of how content writing can help you and your business:

  • Lighten your Load:

    When you are running a business, there are numerous problems that you undergo every day. Though content is the king of a website, making quality content for your business can become an added hassle for you if you are thinking of doing it yourself. There are constant changes in style and jargon of writing and keeping up with these trend changes will mean dedicating a large portion of your time toward content writing, something that you could easily have let someone else manage for you.

  • Speak The Language of Your Thoughts:

    Often times, you may find yourself fending for the right words to express what you want to tell your customers. You know the matter on the surface but are not quite sure how to put it in words. Many a times you may find that you can easily explain the matter up front, but when it comes to expressing the same matter in a written form, one side of your brain just wants to block itself. It is to address problems such as these that content writers can come to your rescue. A content writer will take down every detail from you until they are sure they understand the tone and style of writing you are looking for. They will then convert your thoughts into a fluent river of words that seem to be rolling out from your own mind.

  • Communicate with your audience Effectively:

    For attracting customers, engaging them and making a sale, you need to communicate effectively with your customers. You need to make sure that your message demands attention and that it is delivered to them in a clear and crisp form.

  • Boost Traffic to your Website:

    Google follows certain criteria when it goes through websites for ranking and considers only those websites that it finds quality content in. If your content can live up to google’s search criteria and if you can get it to rank on the first page of your customers’ search results, then you should get your umbrellas out, because it’s going to be raining sales! More customers will find your website, will read your content and get interested in your products and services. Content writers are usually skilled in the use of search engine optimization techniques, to ensure that your content contains the right keywords at the right places, without affecting the natural flow of the content.

  • Improve Conversion Rates:

    When an interested user enters your website, but does not feel a connection, it will not be of much help to your profits. With persuasive and engaging content, you can convert interested readers into loyal customers. A copy writer understands the psyche of the average buyer. They know what ‘magic’ words a customer usually wants to hear and what words prompt the reader’s brain to hit that ‘buy’ button.


We at Khan IT understand how valuable your business is to you and would like to help you use the power of words to take your business to greater heights. The content of your website is like the window to your shop. It’s like the face of your business. No matter how wrong we may find this human nature, the truth is that one makes a mental picture of your interior based on what they first see on the exterior. In the same way, based on the quality of your website’s content, your potential customer will first make a sub-conscious decision about whether or not they would like to do a business transaction with you. It is important to catch your customer’s attention and interest within that initial phase. Those first few seconds that the user spends on your site after just entering are crucial and can usually make or break the deal.

At Khan IT, we boast of a versatile team of content writers who are well experienced in content writing in diverse forms. Our writers are apt at the art of weaving engaging content with useful information about your business, giving your website quality material that is customer-centric and search-engine friendly. For your business, this means more traffic, more sales and a brighter future. Following are some of the reasons we believe you should take advantage of our content writing services:

  • Our Content Writing strategy:

    For accomplishing the task of good content writing, it is important to have a proper strategy that will give structure to the process and formulate a repeatable system that can be customized for different needs. Following are the strategies that our content writers use in their content creation and delivery process:

    – Identify problems that visitors to your website may be looking to find solutions for.

    – Inform your visitors how your business can help solve their problems

    – List out services that your business provides and in which areas your services can help them.

    – Inform them about the reliability of your services.

    – Give them testimonials from your satisfied clients so they know how other people have benefitted from your business.

    – Guide them through the process of reaching out to you and availing of your services.

    – Get them pepped up about what they’ll be missing out on if they don’t.

    – Use call to action words and phrases to encourage them to reach out to you, buy your product or service or any other action you would like from your customer.

    All of our content writers are well versed with these strategies and use this system to bring consistency in the writing process, while still making sure that every piece of content is original, unique and tailor-made.

  • Our Focus

    Our primary focus is to bring your customers to you. And this can be done through a variety of means, be it through stories, concepts, ideas, or simple marketing pitches. Our content writers have worked with clients from different industries and operated on a myriad of themes. Each and every one of them is focused on making sure that your content speaks to your customer’s psyche and puts across your message to them in a convincing and compelling string of words. Other points of focus for our content writers include:

    – Forming relations

    Our content writers are focused on forming strong ties with your audience. Marketing of the item is important alright, but it is more important to get your readers to feel connected to the connected to your content and your business. We make sure that our content uses thoughtful, polite and friendly language that pulls at the heart strings of your reader and compel them to remember you.

    – Relevance to your business

    We believe your website’s content should reflect you and your ideas, and not just have random rants that everyone writes about. The task of content writing becomes effective only when there is relevance of the content to your brand and industry. It is important ti ensure that the content sticks to your ultimate goals and does not deviate from the main theme.

    – Provide content that readers can visualize

    An effective content writer will put across your message in such a way that your reader can actually visualize the concept. The content should strike every sense of the reader. They should be able to see, hear and feel what you want to say. It is only then that you can be sure your message has touched your audience from all dimensions. This will also help you in making a more permanent imprint on them.

  • Our understanding of search engine techniques:

    In today’s information driven world, content that targets only customers is not enough. The quality of your content will govern how search engines view and rank your website. Thus it is important that you carefully choose yours words and keywords and strategically place them in your content, such you get the right amount of attention from both search engines and readers alike. However, most content writers unfortunately tend to focus their writing on SEO techniques, stuffing your content with senseless and meaningless keywords, thereby missing out on the entire point of the content. Our writers at Seoschoolbd, however, understand the importance of striking the balance between both. When you have content that is entertaining, informative and engaging, visitors to your site will stay longer on your page, share your content as well as link back to your pages. This, in turn, will automatically increase search engine ranks, which will mean even more visitors to your site, and thus the pleasant cycle continues.

  • Our Understanding of Content Marketing Techniques:

    Consumers today appreciate good information, but strongly dislike hard-sell techniques. They like to do their own research, make comparisons, see reviews and then make their decisions for themselves. We at Seoschoolbd understand that in order to market your products and services, your content should help your customers make good decisions, rather than putting your company’s endorsement in their faces . According to research, about 70% of consumers prefer knowing about organizations and businesses through information and content rather than just advertising. According to these consumers, content makes them feel closer to the company, while others claim that they can make better decisions with the help of content. Thus, our content writers ensure that your content addresses your consumers’ needs for information and gives them what they are looking for when they visit your website.

  • Our Values:

    Our values and principals are at the core of our services and once you entrust us with your content, you can rest assured that your business and website are both in good hands. Some of our core values include:

    – Respect for your time

    – Professional integrity

    – Superior results and added value our clients

    – Uniqueness and no compromise on the quality of content

    – 100% customer satisfaction

  • Our Content Writers:

    We have in our team some of the best content writersand editors who are committed to the goal of meeting the needs of our clients. These writers have real industry expertise and have the capability to combine their knowledge, research techniques and tools to bring forth ideas on the basis of what the audience in your industry wants and is looking for. Each of our content writers has had numerous publications both in print and online. You may find below some samples of the work done by our professional content writers.


At Khan IT, we take pride in our versatility and quality content writing is fundamental to our services. We offer a wide spectrum of content writing services for our clients, and our writers can customize your content according to your needs if your needs don’t fall into any of the categories mentioned below:

Social Media Copy Writing Services:

Allow us to boost your presence in the social media through tweets, blog posts, updates and endorsements. Your business will benefit from this dynamic social medium, reach out to prospective customers and spread your name around. It will also help build a brand for your business as well as a loyal customer following.

Website / Blog Content Writing:

Pep up your website or blog with some entertaining and appealing content. Our content writers can convert your blog or website into a dynamic array of online pages. This, in turn, will help improve your web presence and search engine visibility as well.

Guest post writing:

Guest post writing is the most effective way to get quality links to your website, your products and your services. With well-written guests posts on sites that are relevant to your industry, you can be sure of getting a higher web-page ranking on google, a greater brand awareness and greater domain authority. Our writers have proven expertise and a sound understanding of guest post writing strategies and they might be just what you need to get your business some solid market credibility.

Amazon affiliate content writing:

Affiliate marketing is a booming business in itself, but at the very heart of your affiliate marketing strategies is quality content in your affiliate marketing pages. If you cannot get your audience to feel compelled to click that ‘Buy from amazon’ button, your marketing strategies are going to be of little use. It is only through content that you can convince visitors to your site about the benefits of the featured products. So allow our skilled writers to call your visitors to action through well written and interesting copy.

E-commerce product content writing:

Nowadays, small product descriptions are no longer sufficient for your e-commerce business. With increasing competition, it has become crucial to differentiate your business through added value, and one of the most effective ways to add this value for your customers is through persuasive content. Our writers are highly skilled in creating content for online stores in different industries, and our writing services include product descriptions, blog posts, how-to guidesand meta descriptions.

Other Services:

In addition to the above, we also provide a host of other content writing services, like:

– Content writing for resumes

– Privacy policy and terms of use

– PPC adverts

– Mission statements


We are very fortunate to have worked with some very kind clients who have generously expressed their happiness with our services. Here are some testimonials from them:

“It was a real pleasure working with Khan IT. The entire team was responsive to my needs and worked with utmost professionalism. The work delivered was high quality and was submitted well in time. I would definitely want to work with Khan IT on my future content projects too.”

- Gunther Ebers

“Thank you Khan IT for your services. I am highly satisfied with the content you provided for my website and would like to sincerely thank your team for giving my website a new life. I would also like to say kudos to the team for the professional services and timely turn in.”

- Marcus Sanders


We understand that a lot of companies have really strong business ideas for online commerce. However, one point many get stuck at is that of posting good content on the websites. Writing is an art, and unfortunately a limited art. Not everyone has the flair for putting their thoughts into words. Fortunately, our writers at Khan IT do, and they are more than willing to help you with your content writing needs. Whether you want the entire content of your website, blog or affiliate pages written or if you already have penned down your thoughts, but would like a second on opinion on the grammar and language, Khan IT can give you assistance that is customized according to your needs.

So if you are looking for the best content writing site in Bangladesh, you can try out our services and see for yourself the difference it makes to your business. Get in touch with us today and avail of our unmatched content writing services.