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Are you looking for an experienced Corporate SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh who can live up to your requirements? When you have a large corporation, you mostly have larger websites, a larger target audience and bigger requirements SEO-wise. We have customized our Corporate SEO packages just to cater to the needs of large organizations such as yours.


Size and complexity of the website

Corporate websites tend to be larger and much more complex than regular websites. These websites run over lots of web pages and therefore require more intensive and regular updates of on-page content, META tags and more complex linking. Corporate websites also tend to have integrations with other systems like ERP, CRM, etc. So , the SEO service provider should be skilled enough to handle these.


Larger corporations usually have their own culture and branding guidelines. These guidelines often require complicated keyword targeting and META Data. It is difficult to get this done without an expert Corporate SEO Service Provider in bd.

Different Departments and Branches

Large organizations usually have several departments or branches and sometimes even span over a number of countries. This often requires several people/ departments to be involved in the SEO decision making and as such, the SEO service provider has to have really good campaign management skills, in addition to the ability to work with decisions coming in from different sides as well as frequent decision changes.


In today’s internet driven age, there is no alternative to SEO. Studies have shown that more than 60% of Google users click on the top three links that come up in their search results, out of which, 33% of the clicks go to the top most spot. The math is quite simple really. There’s one throne and everyone wants a piece of it. Your competitors are obviously not going to sit back twiddling their thumbs. Chances are, they’re already in the game. And there’s a new competitor coming in every minute. A recent study predicted that the search engine competition is only going o rise in the coming years. So, failing to find a good Corporate SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh is only going to set you back in this race to the top.

There are, of course other reasons for that. Consumers of the internet era are becoming more and smarter and fussier. Before they consider your business, service or product, they like to look you up online, read about you and get a basic idea about you. If they are serious about the purchase or transaction, they will not just stop at what you say about yourself on your website. They will look at what others have to say. And that does not just include your client / customer testimonials. They go as far as to search other places to see how many people recommend you on the internet and what they have to say about you. As such, you have to ensure that both on-page and off-page SEO is done in an organic and clean way.

An organic SEO done on your corporate website will bring you a steady flow of loyal traffic, that will remain with you because they trust you. When you invest in SEO and get a good rank, your consumers are much more likely to be have faith in your business. Your prospects are much more likely to become customers if they can find and research your business. When you have a good SEO strategy, it will give your consumers a positive vibe about you and your brand a positive vibe even before they start digging in for details.


Website Content

We do an extensive research to find out what your consumers are searching for and publish quality content that not only improves your search rankings but also provides a seamless user experience. Our content is well-optimized for search engines and contains enough call to actions to encourage conversions from your consumers, without coming off as too pushy.

Competitor Analysis

We do a market analysis of your business areas of interest, find competitors who are currently outranking your online in the same area or for the same search

SEO Campaign Tracking

We monitor how your websites are ranking for your keywords and how much organic traffic, leads and calls they are generating. We also monitor your top competitors and see how they are ranking for the same keyword. We then optimize or pivot your campaign to keep your website on track.


  • A support team, which includes an analyst, web designer and professional copywriter.

  • Sophisticated content marketing strategies

  • We use the latest and most effective tools to drive in the best results.

  • We give you detailed monthly reports to show how your website’s SEO performance aligns with your SEO goals.

  • Most importantly our SEO experts have worked with some of the best Corporate Organizations, not just in Bangladesh, but foreign organizations too.

Not all agencies can provide the kind of SEO solutions that a Corporate Business requires. However, you can rely on Khan IT to provide you with the right solutions to your SEO needs.