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Mr. Md Faruk Khan (also known as Md Omar Faruk Khan) is a notable face in the SEO and IT industry of Bangladesh. He is the founder and CEO of KHAN IT. Mr. Khan has extensive expertise in SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Office Apps, Hardware and Networking.

He is a visionary person behind the “Every day we live in SEO”. He believes success comes with honesty, passion, and dedication to the work.

He is the former lead trainer of Affiliate marketing of BITM under SEIP program. Under his me0ntorship, he taught people about every ins and outs of Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

He gains fame for showing practical examples of niche selection, keyword research, product selection, content idea generation, affiliate account creation and many more essential elements.

He has also worked as a lead trainer in Practical SEO in BITM which is another SEIP program. Success is the only synonym of his Practical SEO course. He has completed more than 25 batches of this course and a total of around 1K trainee. He has also conducted around 25 offshore workshops on various career development in the IT field.

Md Faruk khan

Although he is the best SEO and Affiliate Marketing Trainer, he has similar movement in the freelance marketplaces like Elance (now Upwork) and Fiverr. Thirst to learn new things attach him with the clients from various developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Dubai, Australia, etc. As a result, he is always up to date with current techno trend.

He has ranked thousands of keywords for hundreds of clients in the SERPs. He is enthusiastic about Local SEO. GMB page creation, verification, and optimization are his daily practice. He has hands-on experience to rank GMB pages in Google 3-Pack.

White Hat is the only way to rank a website for him and ensure long lasting ranking. Therefore, his clients rely on him. The most attractive things about his client dealings are precise communication and no impractical promise.

His dedication, honesty and powerful speech towards the class increase his acceptance in his students. He is a role model of professionalism. All of his personal qualities make himself trustworthy to everyone.