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Do You Know?

  • 88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

  • 97% searched online to find a local business

  • 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps


Starter for Business Branding
Add your business to Google Map
Create a Business Page for your business
Add your Business information:

 Business Category

Business Mobile Number

 Business Area

 Business Address

 Business Description

 Business Hours


Verify & claim your business
Enable mobile messaging for your business
Create Services
Make your Google My Business page 100% ready to use
GMB Page Management (Monthly Plan)
Create Services for your business
Create an optimized post – 2 posts in a week
Create a well-written review – total 20
Post optimized image – total 20
24/7 community engagement (answering review, questions, etc.)
24/7 live support
5000 BDT

Map Listing Services, also known as local business listing or local SEO services is an online entry which contains your business name and details. Every day business owners are looking for newer and more effective ways of promoting their business and marketing through local listings can have a huge impact.

While a global online exposure is good for you, most companies, especially startups benefit hugely from having exposure in their local area, as it is mainly aimed towards clients within your region. After all, when potential clients in your area look for products or services from your niche within their vicinity, you would want them to find you in their search results.


At Khan IT we have the in-depth knowledge as well as the right tools to propel your local business SEO into bringing better results and ranking high in Google local listings. When you avail our services, you will see:

  • Higher ranks in local search engine listings

  • More traffic to your site

  • Higher sales

  • Better business prospects

  • Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Our Google Map listing services are an effective solution for every step of the process, starting from creation of your local profile to its optimization.

  • We conduct a comprehensive technical audit to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

  • We perform keyword research based on relevance, commercial intent, search volume and competition so as to attract more local search traffic

  • We analyze and optimize your sales pages to encourage more people to avail of your products or services.

  • We submit to local citations and gather authoritative niche-based links to your site.

  • We install and customize analytics software to measure performance of the applied techniques and track how people find and interact with your website.

  • We deliver monthly performance reports to highlight gains in ranking and link building to let you see for yourself how our SEO campaign is progressing

Get in touch with us and find out for yourself the power of Google local business SEO.

In traditional SEO, the focus is exclusively on your website. However, when doing local SEO, you need to optimize both your website as well as your Google My Business profile page. This is because google uses these business pages, along with the business location on a map for many locally-focused search keywords.

Local SEO is basically for those whose business involves interactions with clients. For a business to have a local SEO, it needs to have a particular location. As such, it is not ideal for e-commerce businesses.

Accuracy and completeness of information relating to your business, including the correct address, name and contact information is of utmost importance. A good Map listing also has good videos, optimized images, business timings and description. Finally, your listing should be up to date.


“We collaborated with Khan IT to gain accessibility to our Real Estate Agency clients in the local search markets. Their techniques, responsiveness and willingness to solve our local ranking issues have been quite impressive. Two Thumbs up!”

Liam Beckett

“We are so glad we got Khan IT to take care of our local SEO presence. Their knowledge on the industry and research techniques are phenomenal and have contributed greatly in the achievement of our business objectives”

Ethan Brown