This is Ibrahim Khalil, an SEO expert in Bangladesh, working for Khan IT. He has recently joined our team as an SEO expert. Mr. Khalil has been working as an SEO expert for some times now. He started his journey to become an SEO expert 4 years ago. After finishing his course, he had done several internees where he had a chance to see live projects and how to complete them successfully. This has helped him to successfully complete any project by himself. Not only is he an expert in the SEO field, he has many other skills that are equally important when It comes to online marketing.

Besides Search Engine Optimization, Khalil has the skills of basic website customization. He has skills in working with Word Press websites and he has the knowledge of HTML and CSS3 programming language used for editing website. This skill comes in handy very much when it comes to do basic customization of any website. His strong SEO skills have made him an expert in dealing with the technicalities of a website. Nevertheless, his attitude and never giving up though has made him a successful SEO expert today. His talent is needed at Khan IT.

Not only did he succeed in the local market, he has also succeeded in the market place where he has completed several orders from different clients and has gotten excellent reviews from the clients. He has now become a local SEO expert as well. He knows how to make your business bigger in the local neighborhood. If you are looking to become a big giant in your neighborhood, his skills will definitely help you get there without a doubt. Having him in the team as an SEO expert is very important for Khan IT. His hardworking and constant support towards the clients have made him a sincere SEO expert which is very much appreciated by Khan IT.

Ibrahim Khalil