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Your logo is a reflection of who you are, what your business is about, what you offer and how you would like your prospective clients / customers to perceive you. Your logo is the first thing that people see and creates the first impression about you in people’s minds. As such, it is important that you build the right logo. One that you personally and professionally identify with. That’s what makes it necessary to get yourself a really good Logo Design Service in Bangladesh.


1. A good logo gives your business an identity: Just as soon as you decide on a company name for your business, it is important to add weight to it by getting a logo designed. Why? Well adding a visual to your company name brings your business and your idea to life. It gives you the

2. A distinctive logo helps people remember you: It is a known fact that human beings tend to identify, remember and use visual cues better than verbal cues. In fact, our brain process images about a thousand times faster than text and people can remember about 80% of pictures, 20% text and just 10% sound. That is the amount of impact your logo has on your audience.

3. A professional logo communicates how serious you are about your business and builds trust in your audience: If you can make your logo look professional, it shows your audience that you have taste and that they can trust you, since you followed through with your logo enough to make sure it looks good.

4. It attaches meaning to your business and your intentions: As time goes by, your logo will start to attach meaning to your company, just as well as your company will continue to associate your company’s core values with your logo.

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Although a lot of people tend to over-simplify the logo-making process, building a great logo is not just about adding a few colors and changing some fonts. Every logo in Khan IT goes through a whole process to ensure that the end product is up to your liking and meets your business requirements. We take the time to brainstorm several models to finalize the most standard and attractive logo for you. Here is the process through which your logo passes through at Khan IT:

  • 1. We first construct the creative design brief. We ask questions to make sure we understand your needs clearly and have a good understanding about your business and industry. This allows us to design a logo that truly reflects your company, the business culture and core values of your organization.

  • 2. We then conduct some research on logos of other organizations in your industry or line of work.

  • 3. Next, we go through a brainstorming session and make a few sample sketches to get visuals on some of our ideas. We then craft a concept for your logo by designing it on the computer in order to further fine-tune our ideas and find any flaws or concerns we might have missed out on.

  • 4. We present our concepts to you and wait to get a feedback from you. Based on the feedback we receive, we further fine-tune the logo till we finally get it just right.

  • 5. We create mockups on the computer so you can see how the logo will look on your business cards, social media or company stationery.

  • 6. In the end, we use graphic tools to create vectors that can be exported to any format that you may need. The purpose of providing the logo in vector format is so that you can easily scale the logo to any size you requite without a loss in quality or sharpness. So, whether you put your logo on a business card or on a billboard, it will look just the same.

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We at Khan IT have designers who are specialized in logo creation and are experienced enough to have satisfied more than 1000 customers all over the world. As a well-established Logo Design Service in Bangladesh, we don’t just design your logo, we give a face to your business.

We have so far received hundreds of positive testimonials from our clients who have shown immense satisfaction in our logo-design process, customer service, friendly approach and business advice.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • 1. A logo design that will be highly memorable for your audience

  • 2. A logo that speaks your mind about your business

  • 3. A logo that is timeless

  • 4. A logo that is an original masterpiece

  • 5. An attractive logo that will look good on all surfaces, platforms and media.

  • 6. Timely delivery

  • 7. Original and editable files in jpg, psd, eps, ai and png formats

  • 8. Vector format of your logo

We can customize the logo and deliverables according to your requirements as well. If you are looking for a great Logo Design service in Bangladesh, get  in touch with us.