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This is Mushfiqul Hassan, a very important asset of Khan IT Family. He is a super multitalented young lad who has achieved many successes at a very young age of his life. He has earned excellence in many fields, which has a huge demand in this generation. His unique and creative ideas in marketing have led him to be the Head of Marketing in Khan IT. He has specialized himself in advanced level of business communication which gives him a strong advantage of communicating with International Clients.

His hard work and dedication has made him an English Trainer of a company in New Zealand called WSDA, who has a branch here in Bangladesh and are now dealing with government project. Mushfiq is a SEIP Government Project Trainer of courses like Professional Customer Service, English and Business Communication. He has successfully completed over 20 batches within a year and has a good face value in the nation in the English and Communication sector.

Becoming a successful freelancer was his dream from a very young age. And being an all-rounder is in his blood. He thrives for success in every field he wishes to pursue his career in. He is also an SEO Expert who has singled handedly completed both local and international projects successfully. His dream is to be the most successful entrepreneur this country has ever seen and thus is now focusing in other sectors of freelancing. Soon enough he will become a complete freelancer who has knowledge and success in every field of freelancing. Just like SEO, he achieved success in one of the most demanding sectors of freelancing called CPA marketing in a very short time. He smashes any obstacles that stands in between his successful career like a hammer and overcomes it. His experience and uniqueness has given him a high demand in the local and international companies. We are very much proud of his dedication for Khan IT.

“Why lead a normal life when you have the chance to Die as a Hero”- Mushfiqul Hassan.

Mushfiqul Hassan