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This is Rukaiya Khan, a young, multitalented, and jolly-minded girl, who has been there for the company from the start. She thinks Positivity, confidence, and persistence are key in life. so she never gives up on herself.  Her thirst for knowledge of becoming the best female freelancer in Bangladesh has lead her to the success she stands on today. She has multiple qualities in her that has benefited this company vastly. She is in the Communication sector of Khan IT where she communicates with the local clients guiding and helping them to understand our policies and methods of working. The most useful talent she has is on the field of Search Engine Optimization. She single handedly has completed over 10 projects, which gives her a huge set of knowledge on SEO skills. Her skills include ON-Page SEO like keyword research, image optimization, content optimization etc. But, her specialty lies on the marketing sector of SEO which is the OFF-Page SEO. She has a huge experience on the following sectors of OFF-Page:

  • Blog Commenting

  • Guest Blogging

  • Guest Replying

  • Forum Posting

  • Directory Submission

  • Web 2.0 creation

  • Social Media Marketing

Her methods of marketing are very much unique which this company needs the most. Her marketing has helped a lot of our clients get good number of visitors in the website every month. Such talents are very rare to find. Her true dedication for this company has earned her this important place in the Khan IT family.