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Search Engine optimization is the process through which a website of any sort is brought into rank. A lot of companies or individuals provide SEO services in Dhaka. However, not all can provide the Best SEO Service in Bangladesh. Khan IT is a complete solution for your SEO Services in Bangladesh. Our experts here are the best at what they do. The vast experience that we obtained from our previous client’s work has made us very much skilled. Most of the clients we worked for or still working for has a business. Therefore, we are very much experienced and comfortable in providing SEO for small business. There are different kinds of businesses out there. And we are proud to say that we have the SEO services for all types of business. Some of the types of SEO services we provide are mentioned below.


If your are planning to start up a small business for example food court or food cart, or any small business like electronic gadgets then first and foremost what you have to do is work out a plan for marketing. And in this generation, the best platform to do your marketing in through online. You have to create a strong online presence that will help your business be reached to many people throughout the country. This is where our SEO for small businesses come in handy. Our SEO for small business will help you grow your small business to a big one in no time by promoting your business to the targeted audience.


This is a very useful business in Dhaka for those who provide this service. A lot of pollutions can give rise to unwanted pests. There are many who choose to do a business where they provide services for getting rid of unwanted pests. For those who have this business and is looking for some online marketing then try our SEO service for pest control in Dhaka and see the benefits that you get through us. Others who are planning to start this business then we can help you from building a website to our SEO service for pest control in Dhaka from the scratch.


As said earlier, textiles business is a very big and highly profitable business if you know how to get your clients. In Khan IT, our SEO service for textiles in Dhaka will guarantee you a spot in the first page of Google, which will help you get more clients. In the past a lot of clients has taken our SEO Service for textiles in Dhaka and has ended up getting big clients and profiting from their business in a high margin.


For those who took their textile business to the next level, we, Khan IT have the SEO service for clothing stores in Dhaka like yours. Some companies have their own garments where they design their own clothes and make them in the garments. After the making is complete, they sell it in their own clothing stores. Now, to get the targeted audience or customers you have to do a marketing of your shop along with its products and its location. To reach the maximum crowd you have to go for a big marketing, which would cost you a lot if you do it manually. So therefore, the best way to reach maximum crowd is by doing an online marketing, which requires building a website. Our SEO Service for clothing stores in Dhaka will help you achieve this goal of creating a website and ranking in the first page of Google for those who rely on it.

Let say that you want to start a new business and you don’t have a clear idea what to do. Don’t worry at all. Here at Khan IT, we even have that solution for you. Our SEO services in Bangladesh have a special kind of service, which is very rarely found among all the companies that provide SEO services in Dhaka. Khan IT presents you with their special SEO service called the SEO service for Niche website. If you are planning to start a new business and is confused about what niche you would select, then we are here to guide you to a successful business with our SEO service for Niche website. We will choose a niche that will be beneficial as a business and provide our SEO services in Bangladesh to bring it to rank and make you profit from it.