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Welcome to my profile. Let’s get acquainted.

This is Md. Shaib Montachir. Since 2016, I have been working in this industry. My first career started with digital marketing. Then gradually I began to feel interested in SEO. Due to this interest, now I’m working on SEO and Amazon Affiliate Marketing. With interest and a lot of hard work, I have already finished the full SEO Project of more than 10 websites and took it to the Google rank. Not only that, till now I’ve successfully generated sell by bringing 5 affiliate sites to the first page of Google search.

My hobbies are also related to my profession. I love to rank various website and really love to travel different places. At present, I’m working at CVLincked Training as a trainer of Advanced SEO and Affiliate marketing and working at Khan IT as Digital marketing manager.

My expertise areas are advanced SEO, affiliate marketing and digital marketing. Strong stability in my professional life made me ambitious. Now I want to introduce myself as a SEO expert and Amazon Affiliate Marketer both in nationally and internationally.

Shaib Montachir

Not only that I want to highlight myself in the world market, but I also want to use my knowledge and experience to train others. I work hard and use my talents and experiences to make my own position stronger. At the same time, I would like to take CVLinked Training and Khan IT to a very good position with my talent and experience.

I mean to you

If you want to succeed then choose the things you like best. Then increase efficiency, work hard, above all, maintain your confidence. Once you work on your own and your Allah’s steadfastness, surely you can reach your desired goal. Just remember one thing, do not run for money instead of increasing your skills. Be honest and work hard, success will run behind you.